Building maintenance in Vietnam is a challenging service. So we are always ready to serve you. If you are not 100% satisfied with SICOM's services, please contact us at 0909 491334 or drop us an email at info@sicom.com.vn to request a re-work or free warranty. Within 03 working days from the acceptance date of service completion.

    A. Program Scope:

    The 100% customer satisfaction warranty program applies only to customers who have used the services provided by SICOM or / and S-HOMECARE.

    B. Content:

    Within 03 days after the service is done, if there is any reason that customers are not satisfied with the service provided by SICOM and / or S-HOMECARE, customer will be supported by SICOM (based on love Customer's choice) in one of two ways:

    - Option 01: Re-do the work;

    - Option 02: warranty the service.

    C. Procedure:

    Within 3 working days from the date of acceptance of the service ("Valid Period"), the customer who wishes to use the above benefits under the 100% Satisfaction Program must contact SICOM to get support through one of the following forms:

    - Customer contact directly with SICOM staff;

    - Customers contact SICOM Customer support via Livechat, Hotline.

    - Customer confirms dissatisfaction with SICOM through appraisal on the application after SICOM's technician completes the service.

    D. Other Terms:

    -SICOM is not responsible for settling complaints or assisting the Customer in the event  that Customer fails to notify SICOM within the time and through the above mentioned forms.

    - Customers must comply with SICOM policies and regulations for supported services.

    - Customers need to fulfill their payment at the time of request for support under the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Program