Building settlement, inclined assessment/monitoring

    Building settlement/inclined assessment is the activity of monitoring, measuring, recording changes in geometry, deformation, displacement and other technical parameters of the building and surrounding environment over time.
    Building settlement/inclined monitoring will help to identify the cause of subsidence, assess the extent of possible dangers, and provide the most effective solutions to overcome the problem of quality assurance.

    I. The services that SICOM provide:

    1. Determine the settlement/inclined value: the subsidence, the average settlement rate, compared with the settling limits calculated according to the design;
    2. Comparing the settlement value, the average displacement of the works within the allowed limits.
    3. Report on settlement situation and propose solutions.

    II. Method for settlement assessment:

    1. The most common method of observation of building subsidence is the geometric measurement method specified in TCVN 9360:2012.
    2. The basic content of this method is to determine the height of the measurement benchmarks (located on the appropriate positions defined in the construction items) according to the assumed height of the standard benchmark system in short-beam geometry.
    3. During the measurement process, the limits of the norms required for Grade II state standards should be strictly adhered to, with some main technical indicators as follows:
    • The viewing beam length is less than 30 meters.
    • Distance difference from the machine to the front and rear masts must not exceed 2 meters. However, depending on the condition of the building site, the range of the view-finder can be larger; the difference in elevation per station determined by the main ladder and auxiliary ladder of the invar mill (or 2 reads) shall not exceed 0.3 mm;
    • Closed-loop error fh must be satisfied: fh ≤ ± 0.5 x n, n station number.
    • Settlement observation period: The number of monitoring cycles is determined depending on the characteristics of the works, the construction progress and the characteristics of the subsidence of the works. The monitoring cycle is calculated to accurately reflect the load-bearing process of the foundation and the stability of the structure.
    • Monitoring equipment:

    Use of NA2 precision turbine and invar mia or other equivalent precision machines (such as Ni04, NAK2 or NA03) to monitor subsidence.

    III. Time & fee:

    The settlement/inclined monitoring quotation and the specific implementation time will be detailed in terms of scale and number of monitoring cycles specific to each project.

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