Operation service of hospital technical system of SICOM

Operation service of hospital technical system of SICOM

    The hospital's technical system operation service includes tasks such as operation, maintenance supervision, troubleshooting, repairing damage, checking - evaluating the operation of the system daily to ensure Ensure systems and technical equipment in the hospital are always operating safely and effectively to avoid affecting the operation of the hospital to help ensure the quality and efficiency of machinery and equipment to avoid affecting the operation. of the hospital. Let's find out about SICOM's hospital technical operation service right away!

    Hospital technical operation service of SICOM
    Most of today's hospitals use electricity, water, air conditioning, fire protection or gas systems that are closely linked, so if a small detail of these systems fails, the operations of the hospital will not work. Hospitals are affected. For example: If the circuit breaker is broken, all activities of the elevator, camera, and electricity systems will have to be halted.

    Therefore, the hospital technical operation service will meet the needs of operation, maintenance monitoring, troubleshooting, repair of damage, checking - evaluating the operation of the system daily to ensure the system is safe. Technical equipment in the hospital is always operated safely and effectively to avoid affecting the operation of the hospital.. Besides, this service also provides great benefits such as solution consulting, management. system equipment information management, saving time and minimizing unexpected factors affecting monthly maintenance costs.

    Thanks to the experience in technical operation of Campus Oncology Hospital 1, Oncology Hospital 2, Covid-19 Resuscitation Hospital,... SICOM is confident with the machine operation and control process. Equipment at the hospital is perfect, minimizing errors that should not appear.

    We will commit to take full responsibility for the operation management and supervision, maintenance of the technical systems of the Hospital as well as planning for operation and maintenance to achieve efficiency and success. in the management as well as providing operation services for technical systems for the project.

    When operating, all technical systems are recorded in an operation log which clearly states the
    technical specifications, problems encountered in operation, suggestions for maintenance, repair

    The technical systems of the hospital that SICOM will provide operating services include:
    (1) Generator system.
    (3) Electrical system.
    (4) Medium voltage electrical cabinet system.
    (5) Power backup system.
    (6) Distribution cabinet system.
    (7) Lightning protection system.
    (8) Sound system.
    (9) Automatic numbering system.
    (10) Nurse call bell system.
    (11) Network – telephone system.
    (12) Security camera system.
    (13) Access control system.
    (14) Air conditioning system.
    (15) Precision air conditioning system.
    (16) System of exhaust fans, pressure fans.
    (17) Elevator and escalator system.
    (18) Building management system.
    (19) Water supply and drainage system.
    (20) Specimen transfer system.
    (21) Medical wastewater treatment system.
    (22) Domestic wastewater treatment.
    (23) Fire alarm system.
    (24) Fire fighting system.
    (25) FM200 gas fire extinguishing system.
    (26) Public sound system.
    (27) Medical gas systems.
    (28) Landscape pumping system.
    (29) System of sliding doors, rolling doors.
    (30) Construction system, architecture (treating broken brick foundation, waterproofing, cracking treatment,

    For a free consultation on operating a telemedicine system, please contact SICOM via Hotline 0909 491 334!

    SICOM's hospital technical operation service process
    SICOM's hospital engineering services provide always improve to improve service quality. We strictly follow the operating rules of hospital technical systems to bring the most prestigious and effective services:

    - First: Build operating personnel. In addition to providing experienced technicians, SICOM will combine in-depth technical guidance for the right partners and specialists. In addition, SICOM hands over the operation process with detailed and clear job descriptions for each position so that the operating personnel are not dependent on certain people, ready to support and replace promptly. , avoid falling into a passive state when there is a shortage of manpower

    - Second: Clear procedures and forms. The technical team operating SICOM's hospital technical systems owns a system of processes & forms according to international standards and is specifically reported to the individuals in charge of the work with a daily checklist, a plan. work by year, quarter, month, week and day, forms of proposals, meeting minutes, field minutes, types of reports, ...

    - Third: Synchronous coordination between SICOM's technicians and the hospital's management team and staff. During the operation, SICOM will advise, report as well as propose on key issues such as renovation, repair, replacement of equipment, parts, ... of the technical system in the hospital. The recommendations are true to the actual situation and have an impact on operational efficiency as well as on operational safety.

    Some of the experiences that SICOM always advises its main partners is that most of the electricity consumed by the systems in the departments, the cooperation of all hospital staff determines the efficiency of the operation. . The solution to this problem will usually be to adjust the temperature in the room from 25oC to 26oC, when going back to turn off the lights and air conditioner, ...

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    Advantages of using SICOM hospital technical operation service
    SICOM's hospital engineering services bring undeniable advantages to the benefit of hospital users and hospital owners:


    Personnel: appropriate expertise, arranged according to ability and expertise.
    Form process: standard – drawn from working with many different projects and partners.
    Consulting and technical support at the service location as well as linking with information technology application in management, monitoring of service implementation & record keeping.
    Accountability: The operator of outsourced hospital technical systems will be responsible to the Hospital when:
    Trouble with any time in case of force majeure
    Cooperate with the Hospital when there are state authorities to inspect such as the Department of Health, Ministry of Health, Fire Protection Police, Environmental Police, etc.

    Efficiency: When using SICOM's hospital technical operation service, we will bring 3 factors to help Partners:

    Reduce operating costs at the hospital such as permanent personnel, electricity and water.
    Reduce the cost of repairing damaged machinery and equipment when checked and maintained regularly.
    Increased hospital usage time due to reduced downtime due to breakdowns.
    Transparency in the operation of hospital technical systems: The implementation and operation of hospital technical systems should be transparent not only for the Hospital but also for the management team of the operating unit. Transparency is monitored 24/7 including the following contents provided by SICOM:

    The works performed are fully reported by the technical team
    Report directly to the hospital technical operation team or contractor
    Report/update the status of critical systems/devices.
    Report online from SICOM to the hospital technical operation team or contractor through a simple, fast and efficient software application.
    Using software to manage operation and maintenance of technical systems:

    Sicom uses specialized software to help solve problems in asset management as well as the inspection, maintenance and repair of systems and equipment for projects. The software will help staff in the operation and maintenance team to record information of the system and equipment visually (including: location, images, specifications, schedule/plan). maintenance,…) using only a tablet or smartphone.

    Besides, this software has the feature of reporting work at the scene to the central department. As a result, managers can receive information quickly and intuitively to make timely decisions. In addition, with the monitoring feature, senior managers and owners can use it to monitor maintenance plans as well as the implementation progress of employees.

    Maintenance management software supporting the maintenance management of assets, systems and equipment for the project includes the following functional modules and modules:
    •   Asset Management Module
    o    The module allows monitoring and registration of assets under the management of their units. Decentralized asset location management according to the tree model. The software helps to automatically code assets and assign QR codes
    o     Manage full information about assets such as: background records, operating information, maintenance plans, repair history, ...
    o    Support query, look up property information according to many different criteria: By code, name, management unit,... and especially quick search when scanning QR code
    o   Support to customize and expand management information fields flexibly
    •     Maintenance Task Management Module:
    o    Maintenance plan management: Assist in setting up maintenance plans for systems and equipment. Auto-restart scheduled at a preset frequency and assign scheduled maintenance work

    o    Management of maintenance tasks: Allows management of maintenance tasks for systems and equipment in a centralized manner. Provide a mechanism for assigning work, receiving work, exchanging feedback, reporting on performance and evaluating the quality of work of maintenance staff. Allows to estimate the total cost of performing the work (labor, machinery, means, materials).
    o    Requirement management: Allows recording of requests arising during the maintenance of systems, equipment, and assets. At the same time, support for quick request processing and confirmation.

    o    Manage inspection, record maintenance log: Allows to set up inspection sheet templates with dynamic information structure (dynamic form) according to the company's regulations. Support to visually record inspection problems (parameters, status, images, time). Centrally exploiting inspection problems, supporting assignment to quickly handle abnormal problems during inspection.
    o    Mechanism for setting up alarms in accordance with the company's regulations, helping to warn and remind officials and employees related to requirements, inspection and maintenance of systems and equipment.


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