(War with covid)

    Everyday when we turn on the TV, we see that the number of covid cases in Ho Chi Minh City is about 4000, for quite along time, says 30 days. This number has not decreased even though the city has been  has been social distancing and/or locked down for a month now. The number of blockdown areas in the city keeps increasing. The number of provinces and cities applying Directive 16 has also increased continuously. What should businesses do?
    I would like to share my personal perspective:
    First of all, I feel grateful, fortunate that the business still operates while on average more than 400 businesses have to temporarily suspend and/or close every day.
    This is the wartime period, so businesses need generals - martial arts officers. Three qualities required of a martial officer:
    - Creative: have a method of doing, a planing to deploy work in a non-traditional way that our opponents (covid19) doesnot anticipate
    - Respect people: by using people suitable for different positions, our general can unite a powerful team and win every battle caused by covid.
    - Sacrifice: Being ready to enter the battle is a prerequisite for a general. Only by setting an example can the general lead a team to ultimate victory.

    To accompany the "generals" to conquer covid, our staffs have 2 precious virtues:
    - Honesty: be honest with colleagues, with customers. Truth always has its own beauty and attraction that nothing else can compare.
    - Creativity: Being creative does not mean having to think of something new or big. Creativity here is the use of existing tools (weapons) in planning, operating, monitoring and implementing work (war).

    "Time makes heroes". We are very grateful for this difficult period so that the generals in our team have the opportunity to devote & develop their talents.

    Wishing all of you good health, creativity and perseverance to go to the final victory.

    Saigon, Aug 15th, 2021.