Why Subcontractor Quality Management?
    Our service brings our image and reputation, customers don't need to know how we do it, who we do it with, they just know what they get from us. Therefore, good management of subcontractors contributes to enhancing our brand.

    How to manage?
    From a quality management perspective, we need to "integrate" subcontractors as part of our organization. We build a management system with them, control with them and improve together with them.
    A professionally managed subcontractor will be able to produce professional products and services for us, and therefore the quality of our services to our customers is also increased --> more satisfaction to customers.
    To evaluate a subcontractor, it is necessary to check the following:
    - Do they have a clear workflow?
    - Do they have facilities to ensure the operation?
    - Do they have training and development people?
    - Do they control what they make?
    - Do they have an effective system for collecting customer feedback and implementing improvements?

    Prepare a checklist and periodically evaluate subcontractors
    The 23 subcontractor evaluation criteria proposed by us are listed as follows:

    About capacity:
    - Human Resources
    - Construction experience
    - Workshop and equipment (Applicable only to processing subcontractors)
    - Employee's skills
    - Implementation progress
    - Responsibility for the supplies provided by the Company
    - Responsibility for the Company's equipment
    - Team health
    - Safety
    - Neatness at work
    - Quality Management
    - Financial Status
    - Reputation (for new subcontractors only)
    - Other comments.

    Regarding the implementation of social responsibility:
    - Child labor
    - Forced Labor
    - Health and safety
    - Freedom of assembly
    - Discrimination
    - Labor discipline
    - Working time
    - Compensation
    - ISO 9001:2008 . Standard
    For details on the criteria, please contact Sicom team.