It is one of the specialized hospitals of grade I, directly under the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, Oncology Hospital has become a center for oncology examination and treatment for the people of the country. With many different treatment methods, in which chemotherapy and radiation are two of the most selected methods and bring high efficiency in the treatment. Besides that incredible effect, radioactive substances and radiation rays also have negative effects on human health if they do not know how to protect themselves. That is the reason for Sicom Construction Investment Joint Stock Company to organize a training session on "Radiation safety" for staff - technical staff who are working at the Oncology Hospital's facilities in April 2021.

    The training session with the guidance of Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering - Dang Vu Hoang with the participation of Mr. Tran Viet Anh - Director of Sicom Company and Sicom’s technical staff working directly on Oncology Hospital projects.

    Ph.D. Dang Vu Hoang provided the basic knowledge of radiation, radioactivity, radioactive waste, radioactive incidents happening to humans, radiation safety. Besides, Ph.D. Dang Vu Hoang also asked about some down–to–earth situations at the hospital so the staff could active and apply knowledge, skills that were trained to solve.

    At the end of the training session, the staff were equipped with much useful knowledge about radiation safety as well as the necessary skill methods to protect and keep radiation safe.

    Some pictures of the training session: