Special technical systems for the medical sector

Special technical systems for the medical sector

    In order to increase efficiency in hospital operations work, in March 2021, Sicom organized the seminar series “Special technical systems for the medical sector”.

    Attending the seminars were Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering Vu Hoang Dang, Eng. Minh Tung Vo – Supervisor Consultant for procurement package of  “Install the medical system – equipment at the Oncology Hospital 2” and contractors representative for specializing in medical technology systems.

    At the seminars, the delegates have heard the report and discuss the systems:

    - Water treatment system (R.O)
    - Air clean system at the operate
    - Electrical system at the operate
    - Patient sample transfer system
    - Medical gas pipeline system
    The discussion was ebullient and open-minded. After each presentation of the CE who hold key positions in Sicom’s operation hospital’s projects, experts, and contractors also gave comments and assessments. In addition, technical staff are also instructed in detail by the contractors on the principle of operation as well as maintenance of the systems. 

    This is a practical activity to create conditions for Sicom’s staff to share and learn from each other and experts/contractors to make hospital technical system operation efficient.

    Some pictures in the seminar series: