Facility management is an essential service in today's life as more and more buildings are built. Although it has bloomed in Viet Nam in the last few years, facility management service has played its great role. So what is facility management? And what is its role?

    Facility management services are understood as management activities to ensure that the building is operated smoothly and are safe for users. The main activities of the Building Management service include:

    - Technical management: is the operation of technical and electromechanical systems in order to maintain all activities of the building efficiently and safely. This is considered an extremely important job to ensure the best living conditions and environment for people living and working in the building. A building will have a lot of technical systems such as:

    • Air conditioning system;
    • Ventilation fan system;
    • Elevator and escalator system;
    • Generator system;
    • Lighting system;
    • BMS System;
    • Public sound system;
    • Security camera system;
    • Fire prevention and fighting system, fire alarm;
    • Water supply and drainage system;
    • System structure, infrastructure;

    -  Financial management: usually a commercial building or apartment building always has a lot of revenues related to different activities such as space leasing, advertising fees, building management fees, electricity, water, … These fees, if combined, are not a small number and are assigned to the owner. On behalf of customers, the Management Board is responsible for financial management in a way that is transparent and suitable to the needs of residents and customers. Fees are in addition to paying for electricity and water in public areas and also for cleaning, landscaping, repair and maintenance costs and salaries of personnel performing the work.

    - Cleaning management: ensuring the general hygiene of the entire building is a very important job. The cleaning team must ensure the cleanliness of areas such as the reception area, public areas, ... clean the spaces inside and outside the building.

    - Security management: security is always an important and top concern in residential areas and buildings. Security team – 24/7 surveillance to ensure security and property for residents to live and work in a building, building a really safe and quality living environment.


    As you have seen, Facility Management (commercial center, office, apartment building, ...) includes many different jobs, of different departments. Therefore, facility management will often be carried out according to a strict process and requires close coordination between departments. With such a large workload, the Owners will often outsource the service. And not any unit can receive building management, only units that meet the requirements of the Ministry of Construction will be granted a license. Sicom is a license holder.

    Why should you choose Sicom as the facility management unit?

    - 10 years of experience in the operation of building engineering systems, hospital operations, engineering and structural maintenance.

    - Provide suitable services according to the requirements of each project.

    - A team of highly qualified personnel with many years of experience

    - Professional workflow

    - Applying digital technology in management to bring about optimal efficiency.

    - Most competitive cost in the market.

    In addition, with 3 main criteria: safety, efficiency and energy-saving, Sicom is committed to becoming a reputable and professional building management service provider, improving the value of buildings and help customers with “Ultimate satisfaction”.


    For detailed support, please contact:


    Phone: 0909 941 334 | Hotline: 0909 207 578 | Email: info@sicom.com.vn

    Thank you very much.

    Sicom's team.